MineClicker 2

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MineClicker 2

MineClicker 2

MineClicker 2

Let's start with MineClicker 2, the sequel to the well-known idle game for fans of the MineClicker series. Go ahead and complete all of the challenging stages. To move through several stages of mining efficiency and earn money, your objective in this game is to mine as many materials as you can. Mining materials such as wood, stone, and minerals begin with a basic block that you click on. You will gather resources as you click, and you may use these to open additional places, improvements, and tools. Using the riches you've gathered, you may enhance your equipment to include stronger tools, quicker click through rates, and automated miners. You are able to advance more quickly and mine more effectively with these enhancements.


  • Addictive clicker gameplay
  • Upgrade mechanics and areas
  • Pixelated graphics
  • Sound effects and music immersion
  • Simple controls

How To Play

  • Click to play
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