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MineClicker is an entertaining clicker game with a fast-paced Minecraft world theme. Destroy mine blocks and all types of creatures! To get experience points, use your mouse to battle different creatures. After gaining enough experience points, you may purchase improvements to recruit more players to aid you in eliminating every character in the Minecraft mob so that you can destroy everything more quickly. Mobs and blocks in MineClicker will level up as you go. By finishing boss levels—where mob bosses have timers—you can advance in level. Their health will return if you are unable to kill them in time.

There are 70 stages in all, 32 opponent groups, 14 new bosses, and 40 blocks to be unlocked in this game. New modifications will appear after every upgrade, assisting in reaching your maximum point total. Remember to improve your weaponry so you can make modifications as soon as possible. Stone shards that you obtain by smashing blocks are used to purchase weaponry. To get additional coins, level up!

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How To Play

  • Click the mouse to eliminate mobs and blocks.
  • Get experience points and blocks to enhance your tools.
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