Mine Shooter: Huggy's Attack!

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Mine Shooter: Huggy's Attack!

Mine Shooter: Huggy's Attack!

Mine Shooter: Huggy's Attack!

In Mine Shooter: Huggy's Attack!, the colossal zombies are planning to control the Minecraft world. Defend Minecraft against these Huggy monsters assault! These beasts are quite audacious, and they are hatching schemes to take over and rule the whole earth. They are driving forces in the Minecraft world! Target Huggy's and demonstrate that the way they want to accomplish their goal will not be as simple as they believe it will be. To eliminate all Huggy Wuggys, you just need to control the cube Minecraft character. Coins will drop from adversaries that you kill; use these coins to purchase great upgrades such as explosives, guns, and health. There is a wide variety of foes to face, including giants, fugitives, and kamikazes, among others. Your objective should be to complete each level successfully and purchase all available upgrades.

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How To Play

  • Use the left mouse to shoot
  • Use arrow keys to move

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