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Merge Star

Merge Star

Merge Star

The protagonist of Merge Star is a fearless fighter who risks his life to defend the peace of his people from monsters. Get ready to go on an exciting journey! To begin, in order to beat the many creatures that stand in your path, you must combine your weapons and armor. Enemies become tougher as the game goes on; therefore, the warrior needs top-notch gear to quickly dispatch them. Gather cash and improve your talents to increase your powers. Stay confident and keep going. Never give up!

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  • Players are encouraged to think strategically in Merge Star as they improve their heroes and weaponry to face the ever-increasing difficulties. People who love thrilling action games will love this one because of its captivating plot and fascinating gameplay. If you want to play more addicting games like this, then you should definitely check out our fighting game collection!

How To Play

  • Use your mouse to merge the weapon and fight
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