Merge Monster Pool

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Merge Monster Pool

Merge Monster Pool

Merge Monster Pool

You have arrived at the super entertaining management game known as Merge Monster Pool. Let's dive in and start building a monster pool right now! In this game, your objective is to combine your adorable small monsters with one another in order to create a new monster that is larger than the one you currently have. Pair together two monsters that are of the same kind. At the next level, the monsters will be turned into larger monsters if two monsters join forces. You will get a better score if you combine more than you do. song Unlock the actual potential of your monster friends and see their awe-inspiring metamorphosis as they transcend their present form, emerging as fearsome creatures with combat prowess that is unmatched by anything else. As the strength and dominance of your monsters continue to grow, you should be ready to be surprised. Enjoy yourselves!

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How To Play

  • Use the mouse to connect 2 monsters of the same type
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