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Meow Meow Life

Meow Meow Life

Meow Meow Life

Welcome to the fun game Meow Meow Life! It is time for you to tend to your adorable cat as a pet and ensure that it is content. Play now! You will have a lot of fun in this adorable simulation game by spending time with your adorable pet, a small kitten that insists on having all of his wants addressed at all times. She finds that a good night's sleep helps her replenish her energy, and she enjoys taking baths. She also finds it easy to get hungry and often finds herself bored. Because of this entertaining game, all of these things are now at your disposal as well as hers. While you are taking care of your kitten, you may earn money to spend on more food or any other necessities. As you make progress in the game, you will unlock additional types of food items to use. In addition, there are minigames available for you to play, each of which will provide you with more entertainment than you could ever imagine. You may now take a break, relax, and enjoy the calm of spending time with your pet online.


  • Colorful Graphics
  • Fun Activities
  • Easy to control

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How To Play

  • Click the mouse to interact
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