Lazy orcs

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Lazy orcs

Lazy orcs

Lazy orcs

In Lazy Orcs, the goal is to help the king oversee lazy orcs working to get enough money to build a castle. Get the orcs to work and stop this lazy ambush! Lazy orcs are currently dancing and enjoying themselves in front of you on the screen. They are sluggish and reluctant to put up any effort. Simply clicking on the orcs will immediately put them to work, allowing you to amass as much money as you possibly can. There is a great deal of further laborious work that is waiting for you and the orcs to do. Putting in a lot of effort will ensure that you get compensated and that you will never have to worry about any issues. Don't forget to upgrade machines so the Orcs can spend less effort to earn more money.

There are several different types of games that are combined in Lazy Orcs, including arena, clicker, and strategic games. In the arena, you will engage in combat with a wide variety of creatures as you develop your character. Relax!

How To Play

  • In order to make the orc work, click the left mouse button or touch it on the screen
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