Kogama: Clicker Simulator

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Kogama: Clicker Simulator

Kogama: Clicker Simulator

Kogama: Clicker Simulator

Kogama: Clicker Simulator is an entertaining clicker game that has a wide variety of upgrades. Get played and amass as much money as you possibly can! For the most part, the gameplay of this game consists of clicking or tapping in order to get resources or money inside the game. As you go through the game, you will need to collect as many coins as you can in order to unlock new items, improvements, or features. Each time you click, you will earn a greater amount of money. Upon accomplishing certain objectives, you will be able to gain access to additional regions, skills, or challenges.

Players are able to connect with other users, collaborate with them, or compete with them in their clicker adventures when they play Kogama: Clicker Simulator, just as they can do with other games that are part of the Kogama platform. Press the button to engage in a competition with your companions.

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How To Play

  • Click the mouse or tap on the screen to play.
  • Unlock and upgrade to improve your productivity.
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