Idle Hero: Counter Terrorist

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Idle Hero: Counter Terrorist

Idle Hero: Counter Terrorist

Idle Hero: Counter Terrorist

Idle Heroes: Counter Terrorism is A fun and addictive idle game that challenges you to devise a plan to combat terrorists and save your nation. Your objective is to discover the most effective way to do it. When you play this game, you will take on the leadership of a special forces unit that will engage in combat against a variety of terrorists. The crew is tasked with completing a number of tasks after you take charge of them. You will encounter a few terrorists in the initial buildings, and you should have little issue dealing with them. On the basis of the number of troops you possess, you will go to the next building after each building that you have completed. Before deciding to begin the next conflict, you have the opportunity to acquire more players. Before you order an assault, you should first increase the number of your soldiers and then wait for them to acquire a position. You are able to do this by using a specialized control panel and an icon. All of the various kinds of troops may be summoned by clicking on them. Your men will launch an assault once the formation is prepared. Let's end the time of terrorists.!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to play this game.
  • As you go through each level, you will need to bring in more troops and devise an effective plan to defeat the enemy.
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