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Idle Fish

The objective of Idle Fish is to breed new fish species by combining two or more commonly found fish types. Have fun creating your very own aquarium right now! Nurturing a thriving aquatic ecosystem is your ultimate objective. But this isn't your average idle game. While other underwater empire builders sit on their hands, you'll be getting your hands dirty by helping to hybridize different fish species. The best place to start is with a tank that is nonexistent. You combine smaller, more common fish with larger, more exotic ones. Please be aware that there is a price associated with each fish you purchase and that the price of each fish will rise as you continue to buy them. meaning that proper investment requires constant vigilance over one's financial resources. Enjoy yourself!

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How To Play

  • Players need to do nothing more than click the mouse to combine fish in this game. Save up your earnings to stock up on different fish types so you can build your very own aquarium!
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