Idle Farming Business

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Idle Farming Business

Idle Farming Business

Idle Farming Business

Idle Farming Business is an addictive management idle game in which you have the ability to operate and manage your own farm. Commence the process of constructing and establishing your agricultural empire. In the beginning of this game, you will begin by purchasing fresh plots of land and cultivating crops. Be sure to take good care of them so that they may be harvested and sold for a profit. When you expand your business and increase your sales, you will see an increase in your profits. Put the money you make into improving your crops so that you can enhance your output. Make a well-thought-out strategy for the enhancements to buy since they will boost a crop's overall production. You may increase the size of your territory by unlocking additional plots of land, each of which has a different set of items. Develop into a successful enterprise and get investors to invest in your farm.

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How To Play

  • Touch or click on the screen
  • Select a piece of land, purchase seeds, and then plant them
  • Click one more to harvest and sell the crops that were sown.
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