Idle Farm Tycoon

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Idle Farm Tycoon

Idle Farm Tycoon

Idle Farm Tycoon

In Idle Farm Tycoon, you are the owner of a farm, and your objective is to expand it to become the greatest farm here. Now is the time to get started! Become wealthy by raising adorable cows and hens. Simply clicking on the hens will allow you to purchase them and activate them in this entertaining idle game. Simply click on them to place the eggs inside the machine, and then click on the machine again to package everything up and sell it when you are finished. As a result of participating in this action, you will get coins. In order to begin extending your farm, you need to continue until you have accumulated some cash. Cultivate your farm!

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How To Play

  • Use the mouse or tap on the screen to play Idle Farm Tycoon
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