Idle Craft 3D

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Idle Craft 3D

Idle Craft 3D

Idle Craft 3D

Idle Craft 3D is an entertaining and addictive clicker game in which you are tasked with rebuilding a tiny community after its obliteration by a meteor shower. Are you up to the task of something difficult? Begin the process of rebuilding! Put your whole weight behind the pickaxe and shovel, and recruit fresh laborers to assist you in constructing the foundation from the ground up. Make sure they don't become tired to the point where they fall asleep. They need to be roused, so a call should be made to the elders. You'll have a greater appreciation for the toil and toilsomeness of laborers after playing this game. Acquire an appreciation for the work, and make the most of your reward for it.

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How To Play

  • Click the mouse to play
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