IDLE Base Defense

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IDLE Base Defense

IDLE Base Defense

IDLE Base Defense

IDLE Base Defense is a thrilling defensive strategy game that allows you to engage in combat and construct a formidable defense force for yourself. In the beginning of this game, you are a courageous soldier who is driving your tank to engage in combat. Make sure you are always cautious and keep a close watch on everything that is going on around you, since your adversaries might emerge at any moment from any direction. You are going to be rewarded with coins for every opponent that you eliminate. When you eliminate a greater number of foes, you will amass a greater quantity of coins. By spending this money, you will be able to purchase further improvements for your fighting weapons and expand the number of teammates that will battle with you. Construct yourself a sturdy foundation to withstand any and all assaults from the adversary! Have some fun!

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How To Play

  • Click the mouse to play IDLE Base Defense
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