Halloween Ghost Balls

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Halloween Ghost Balls

Halloween Ghost Balls

Halloween Ghost Balls

Halloween Ghost Balls is an intriguing ball game with a Halloween theme. Let's play and complete all the goals at each level. There will be new challenges and twisty detours to explore. You will need to carefully drag the mouse over the twists and obstacles in order to make it through this part of the game and achieve the goal of having enough ghosts available. By doing things in this manner, you will leave as few lost spirits behind you as is humanly feasible. Flying through the blue flames will assist you in increasing your total number of ghosts, so be sure not to miss that opportunity. You will only be able to pass a level if you avoid being caught in any of the traps and bring the required number of ghosts through the portal at the conclusion of each stage. Best of luck!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to play
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