Getting Over It

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Getting Over It

Getting Over It

Getting Over It

In Getting Over It, the goal is to make it to the peak of the mountain by overcoming the challenges in your way and utilizing a hammer as your primary tool. Are you prepared to triumph over every obstacle? You will play the role of Diogenes, a guy, while participating in this game. He had no choice but to use a Yosemite hammer in order to free himself from the cauldron in which he had been imprisoned. You'll need to use the mouse to move the character around, and swinging the hammer is how you do it. If you move the mouse up, the character's upper body will rise, but if you move the mouse down, the character's upper body will fall. The character may be propelled ahead by using the mouse to rotate the hammer; this makes it possible to climb over obstructions. Take care not to strike the hammer too forcefully, since this might lead the character to go backwards down the mountain. Good luck!

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How To Play

  • Use WASD/ arrow keys to move your character
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