Gangs Idle City

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Gangs Idle City

Gangs Idle City

Gangs Idle City

In Gangs Idle City, you take control of a gangster character that is attempting to acquire money via a variety of means. Build your very own criminal empire! As part of the game, players are tasked with recruiting new members for their gang, expanding their territory, and competing against other gangs. The gameplay of this game is appealing, despite the fact that it is fairly simple and has colorful pictures. It is sufficient to click or touch on a variety of instruments and things in order to get financial resources. Enhancing your equipment or expanding your surroundings are also possible uses for this money. Increasing your money over time and gaining power over the whole city are the goals of this endeavor. Because of the game's automated progression, you will be able to continue earning money even while you are not connected to the internet. As you go through the stages, things will get more complex; you should strive to maintain control of the city.

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How To Play

  • Use the mouse to click or tap on various tools and items to earn money
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