Food Venture Master

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Food Venture Master

Food Venture Master

Food Venture Master

Let’s start playing Food Venture Master, in which you need to improve your roadside business with just a few clicks and turn it into a huge commercial network. In this game, all you need are mouse clicks! Every click is one step closer to shaping your trading network. In front of you on the screen, you will see a street near which the guy has set up a small table. On it, you will see a variety of drinks and food. Cars will pass by the table on the road. They will stop at the table. Your hero will have to serve them. It will sell food and drinks to drivers and charge a fee. After accumulating a certain amount of money, your character will open his cafe. He will then hire the employees who will work in it. By earning more money, your hero will be able to gradually open up an entire network of roadside facilities. This way, you will slowly but surely make more money, and in addition to the lemonade stand, you will open other types of businesses, ones that make even more money. Good luck!

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How To Play

  • Simple by clicking your mouse to play
  • Upgrade to improve your productivity
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