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Enchanted Heroes

Enchanted Heroes

Enchanted Heroes

The thrilling idle game known as Enchanted Heroes puts you in charge of a courageous hero who is tasked with destroying terrible creatures. The game is played via a web browser and includes elements of action and strategy. It gives players the opportunity to construct and improve heroes in a fantastical environment. This game was developed with both active and automated gameplay in mind from the beginning. At the same time that your hero will automatically fight monsters, you also have the option to actively attack creatures by clicking on them. This will speed up the process of defeating them. When you kill a monster, you will get a certain amount of money. You will amass greater wealth in proportion to the number of monsters that you eliminate. Make use of these coins to purchase more improvements that will make your hero more powerful. After that, you will be able to engage in combat with bigger monsters, which will result in increased payouts for each kill. Have a good time!

Upgrades Feature

The concept of upgrades may be broken down into three distinct categories: hero, skills, and general upgrade.

  • Hero upgrade:  you must increase their fundamental statistics, which include damage, health points (HP), attack speed, and the capacity to recover from health loss.
  • Skill upgrade: Enhance your skills by unlocking and improving your special attacks so that you can deliver more damage to your foes.
  • General Upgrade: Each click contributes to an increase in the overall damage ratio and healing efficiency of the general upgrade.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to play this game
  • Buy upgrades to make your hero stronger
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