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Dig This

Dig This

Dig This is a fun and addicting action game in which your objective is to dig a road underground in order to guide the ball via the tunnels that you make. Gravity and a fundamental grasp of physics are absolutely necessary if you want the balls to travel in any direction other than the one in which the earth under them is moving. The initial few stages of the game are simple, but as you go through them, the challenges become progressively more challenging. You will run across obstacles such as walls that the ball must maneuver through in order to progress, as well as wooden planks that will topple over when the ball touches them. You may begin in the sandbox mode, then transition to the multicolor mode, and finally settle into the boombox mode. If you are unable to get the balls to fall in the right order, you may always start the level again from the beginning.


  • Colorful 3D graphics
  • Simple controls
  • Challenging levels

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How To Play

  • Drag the mouse to dig
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