Destroy Figures

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Destroy Figures

Destroy Figures

Destroy Figures

You take control of a brown ball and must defend it against an armada of geometric enemies in the easy-but-difficult-clicker game, Destroy Figures. As it spits forth a succession of smaller balls to assault the falling forms, this brown orb genuinely resembles an arsenal. Intense bombardment across the whole perimeter must immediately commence when you orient yourself; you must not allow anybody to breach the dotted line. The strategic sophistication of this fast-paced ball game is enhanced by the fact that your resources are limited—specifically, 10 charges per level. Picking your target wisely is more crucial than ever before since every shot counts. If you want to conserve ammunition and strike numerous targets with a single ball, shoot in clusters. Quick thinking, targeting groups, and a deluge of bullets covering the whole battlefield are required. Have a great time!


  • Combination of a ball game, a clicker game, and a tapping game.
  • Simple but challenging gameplay
  • Easy to control

How To Play

  • Use your mouse to control the ball
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