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Dalgona Candy

Dalgona Candy

Dalgona Candy

Dalgona Candy welcomes you to the exciting world of puzzle games with their unique combination of components, including drawing games, clicker games, super casual games, and skill games.

In Dalgona Candy, your objective is to make use of a very small needle to free intricate designs from delicate sugar molds. This sugar mold is not only tough but also easily broken, creating a dual task that calls for both accuracy and the ability to maintain one's balance. If the candy is broken, the game is finished, and you lose! Repeatedly clicking the left mouse button will allow you to finish the Dalgona Candy challenge. To get the highest possible speed, repeatedly press this button while keeping an eye on the meter that appears below it. The candy will crack if you click on an excessive amount and bring the "Crack Meter" to the red level. In addition, you will lose and the game will be over if you do not remove the candy within the allotted amount of time. Are you ready to play this entertaining and well-known puzzle game?

How To Play

  • Use the mouse or touch on the screen to play
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