Crazy Traffic Racer

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Crazy Traffic Racer

Crazy Traffic Racer

Crazy Traffic Racer

You'll need expert driving talents to win in Crazy Traffic Racer. What is next is racing at its most thrilling and insane. Let's go right now! Enter the Play button on the screen. Then you'll be standing at the virtual starting line in the middle of the screen right now. Upon receiving the go-ahead from the traffic light, pushing the accelerator pedal will cause the vehicle to rapidly accelerate. Observe the display in great detail. Your ability to navigate the road and pass other cars while maintaining control of your vehicle will be tested. In order to get points and the many power-ups available, you'll need to gather fuel tanks and other essential materials. Conquer the worldwide leaderboard and prove yourself the best traffic racer in the world by beating out all other online players.
When you play Crazy Traffic Racer, you'll be transported to a world of amazing visuals and realistic mechanics. All the bumps, turns, and jolts will feel as real as if you were really driving the vehicle, thanks to the sensitive controls and exciting gameplay.

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How To Play

  • Use WASD/ arrow keys to control your vehicle
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