Crazy Dunk

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Crazy Dunk

Crazy Dunk

Crazy Dunk

Crazy Dunk is an addicting basketball game that provides players with hours of entertainment and helps develop their reflexes and patience. Ready to play now! Get the ball, and let's get started with the practice! It's as easy as giving the ball a tap, waiting for it to bounce, and then putting it in the basket. To get started, touch anywhere on the screen, and then release your finger to let the basketball bounce. You may tap to increase the height of your toss with the ball. Be cautious not to throw the ball behind the basket, since doing so will cause the ball to enter the hoop from the other side, causing you to begin the process all over again. Keep calm and keep plunging! You could want to begin with one or two points, but avoiding fear and engaging in practice can bring you there faster. You have the option of pressing swiftly up until the ball is in the correct position to pass through the hoop, at which point you may let go, or you can push slowly and pass the ball through evenly; in any case, you should remember to check the time. Play more games, and you'll see how much your reflexes have improved over time. Fun time!

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How To Play

  • Use the mouse to play
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