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Clicker Royale

Clicker Royale

Clicker Royale

Get ready to play Clicker Royale and defend yourself from any monsters. The final objective is to defeat bosses and then enhance your hero. As you play through this clicker game, the primary character you control is an adorable white duck. There is a thirty-second window of time before the beginning of each match in which you have the opportunity to pump your duck as much as possible and be ready for the fight round in which you will face the opponent. A countdown timer will make its appearance in the top right-hand corner of the screen. You may purchase a wide variety of enhancements by clicking on the shop that is located at the very top of the page. In order to begin mining, you will need to click on the large blue button that is titled "Loot." This will allow you to make money. It is imperative that you take prompt action in Clicker Royale since time is running out, and when an opponent emerges, you must push the red button that screams Fight. In order to proceed with the fight phase, you are required to push the battle button. You are about to launch an assault on the adversary. You will have to triumph over seven adversaries; each of them will further challenge you. You are able to remove these, right?

How To Play

  • Utilize the mouse and click the LOOT or FIGHT button that corresponds to each level in order to progress through this game, which is separated into two stages: the loot phase and the fight phase.
  • Make use of the appropriate tactic in order to triumph over your rivals and advance in level.
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