Car Defender

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Car Defender

Car Defender

Car Defender

In Car Defender, your goal is to work with your teammates to thwart the enemy's attack. Simply click the "play" button to get started now! Your objective in this game is to wipe out your competition by sending your most powerful vehicles to the front lines of the battle. You have four rows in which to park your vehicles, and you should never leave any rows unoccupied since it gives your adversaries an opportunity to infiltrate your zone. To access more difficult automobile levels, you'll need to click the "merge" button to combine two vehicles. You will advance in power as you combine existing abilities with newly discovered ones and unlock others. The adversaries will launch many waves of attacks; therefore, you must always be prepared to wipe out every single one of them. You progress to higher levels as your squad grows more powerful and as it successfully eliminates foes. Enjoy this idle game!


  • Colorful graphics
  • Amazing art design
  • Over 30 different vehicles to unblock

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to play
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