Cannon Surfer

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Cannon Surfer

Cannon Surfer

Cannon Surfer

In Cannon Surfer, your objective is to guide a cannon to the end of the course without having it collide with any of the game's hazards. This is a physics-based game with incredible three-dimensional visuals and effects. The gameplay is fairly easy to understand. Simply clicking the mouse allows you to operate a cannon. Your character will go down the road in the direction you order them to go. Up until the finish line, he won't let any of the obstacles in his way stop him. The ability to improve the gun will become available after certain wins. Remember to integrate tanks; if your tanks are strong enough, bosses will be no match for you. If you find that you just cannot deal with it, there is a rainbow shell off to the right that will assist you. Make it through each level!

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How To Play

  • Click the mouse/ tap on the screen to play
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