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Butterfly Shimai

Butterfly Shimai

Butterfly Shimai

Butterfly Shimai is a fun and addicting match-3 game in which the objective is to match up butterflies of the same kind as quickly as possible. It’s time to delve into the vibrant world of butterflies via the medium of puzzles. This simple and engrossing game will allow you to relax and clear your head at the same time. Find two butterfly wings that are similar to one another to build lovely butterflies and remove them from the board so that the countdown in the lower left corner may continue. The process of matching two butterflies shouldn't take more than three steps. Begin at the table's edges and gradually move toward the center in a clockwise direction. There are other pairs that are positioned next to one another closer to the middle of the structure. At runtime, you are able to mix them to generate new possibilities. On the bottom right, there is a section with two boosters that are optional. You may use them to modify the location of things or to automatically match a set of items together. In the event that you are unable to figure out how to match them, you may employ tips to locate the matches that you are searching for. However, bear in mind that these tips only have a certain amount of value, so make sure not to rely on them too much. Practice will allow you to solve the riddles more quickly and get higher scores. Join us right now to see how many of our difficult levels you can master!


  • Colorful Graphics
  • Easy to play
  • Addictive Levels

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How To Play

  • Click the left mouse to match the butterflies
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