Babel Tower

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Babel Tower

Babel Tower

Babel Tower

Babel Tower is an enjoyable and engaging idle game in which your goal is to construct a tower that soars for the heavens. Get started right now! The player may mine stone, convert it to processing, quicken brick production, cut down trees, and more by clicking and holding the left mouse button on certain camps and then doing the desired action. Don't stress out. Success is within your reach thanks to your professional staff of miners, masons, artisans, lumberjacks, and builders. You may begin with quarrying. build using the bricks you make. You can either make a profit at the brick market or use them to build a skyscraper. The quicker you can mine and produce, the more money you can make and spend. Your construction time will decrease as you automate the procedure. Make it so your tower is the highest in the world!

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How To Play

  • Use the mouse/ touch on the screen to play
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