Angry Shark Miami

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Angry Shark Miami

Angry Shark Miami

Angry Shark Miami

Angry Shark Miami is a thrilling shark attack game in which the objective is to take control of your shark and cause as much destruction as possible. If you are ready to begin, just click the Play button on the screen, and you will be sent to the game! Your shark will appear in front of you and quickly swim underwater down the beach. It will be following you the whole time. People will be seen relaxing in the water at various points. Make use of the joystick so that you can control the behavior of your shark. You will need to swim up to the guy as quickly as possible and then leap out of the water while he is still in midair so that you may swallow him. You will be rewarded a set amount of points for each individual who participates in the eating competition and consumes food. Be very cautious while dealing with explosives that have the ability to float in the water. You are going to be responsible for ensuring that your shark avoids all of these hazards. Cannibals will help you replenish your health and enhance your score if you can survive as long as possible and eat them. You must complete all of the tasks and get a score higher than the previous high score. Relax with Angry Shark Miami!

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How To Play

  • Use the mouse/ arrow keys to move
  • Spacebar to attack
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